South Africa

South Africa is the home of the legendary Nelson Mandela who fought against apartheid and was imprisoned at Robben Island jail for 27 years. It boasts the magnificent Table Mountain and many nature reserves providing the opportunity to go on safari and see wild lions, giraffes and elephant in their natural habitat.

South Africa is a very proud and patriotic country. It is known for being one of the best rugby playing country’s in the world having been world champions twice. It’s field hockey team are also very good and it has many golfers in the top 100. Their cricket team are extremely difficult team to beat and the country recently hosted the football world cup in 2010.

General Information
Capital: Pretoria
Language – English, Afrikaans
Currency: Rand
GMT:+2 hours
Flight time: approx 12 hours
Int Dialling Code: +27
Population: 50 million

Sports Available
Rugby (Apr – Sept)
Hockey (Apr – Sept)
Netball (Apr – Sept)
Cricket (Oct -Mar)
Athletics (Oct -Mar)
Swimming (Oct -Mar)

Places to Visit
Cape Town
Port Elizabeth