There aren’t many – if any – countries that are as flat as Holland (aka The Netherlands). And there certainly aren’t many countries who can claim such a vibrant orange colour as their own. Holland is most commonly known for its canals, bicycles and architecture. Simply put, there is no place like the Netherlands.

Football is the principle team sport for all ages in Holland, however hockey is not far behind. If you are a serious hockey team then Holland is the place to go and be tested. Although it does also cater for social and inexperienced teams too. Rugby is an up and coming sport in Holland, however it still provides excellent competition for all types of squads.

Holland Information
Capital: Amsterdam
Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro
GMT: +1 hours
Flight Time: 1.5 hours
Int Dialling code: +31
Population: 6 million

Sports Available
Hockey (Sept – May)
Football (Sept – May)
Rugby (Sept – May)
Cricket (May – Aug)

Other Cities to Visit