Spain is more than bullfights, flamenco dancers and crowded beaches. It’s a spectacular and diverse country.

Spain’s main sport is football and they are currently the European and World champions. Their club football league is called La Liga and Barcelona and Real Madrid are the country’s two main rivals with Barcelona being the current league and European champions.  Hockey is very well developed at all levels too, whilst rugby is an up and coming sport in Spain which has a very good youth policy and structure. Spain has produced many sporting stars in other sports too, including Rafael Nadal who is currently the world number 2 tennis player, Sergio Garcia who has represented Europe in the Ryder Cup golf competition 5 times, and the national basketball squad won the world chamiponships in 2006.

General Information
Capital: Madrid
Language: Spanish
Currency: Euro
GMT: +1 hour
Flight time: 3 hours
International Dialling Code: +34
Population: 46 million

Sports Available
Rugby (Sept – Apr)
Cricket (May – Aug)
Hockey (Sept – May)

Places to Visit