Canada is a great country to visit, it is extremely relaxed and there are so many outdoor sports that can be done. The country is so wide that there is a mixture of open plains and mountain ranges to explore. It is also famous for having the magnificent Niagara Falls which is the international border between Ontario and New York State.

The sport in Canada is vast. Canada is mostly remembered for its ice hockey, having been world and Olympic champions on 32 occasions. Skiing and snowboarding is also extremely popular and school sports such as rugby union, field hockey and football are also widely played.

General Information
Capital: Ottawa
Language: English, French
Currency: Canadian Dollar
GMT: -4 to -9 hours
Flight time: 6 – 12 hours
Int Dialling Code: +1
Population: 34.5 million

Places to Visit

Sports Available
East Coast:
Rugby (May – Oct)
Hockey (May – Oct)
Cricket (May – Sept)
Netball (May – Sept)
Football (May – Sept)
Athletics (May – Sept)
Lacrosse (Apr – Aug)
Swimming (All year)

West Coast:
Rugby (All year)
Hockey (All year)
Netball (All year)
Swimming (All year)
Football (Sep – May)
Basketball (Sep – May)
Athletics (May – Sept)
Cricket (May – Sept)
Lacrosse (Sept – Apr)