The USA comprises 50 states. It is such a large country that it has a vast range of places to see, such as the Statue of Liberty in New York City, the White House in Washington DC, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. These are just a few of the sights the USA has to offer.

Sports in the United States is an important part of the American culture. The four most popular sports are baseball, American football, basketball and ice hockey. Football (soccer) is becoming increasingly more popular  in the United States. Any sport you can think of can be played in the USA.

Sports are particularly associated with education in the United States, with most high schools and universities having organised sports. In many cases, college athletics are more popular than professional sports.

General Information
Capital: Washington DC
Language: English
Currency: American Dollar
GMT: -5 hours to -10 hours depending on where in the USA you are
Flight time: 6 hours – 13 hours depending on where in the USA you are.
International Dialling Code: +1
Population: 308.7 million

Sports Available

Places to Visit
New York City
Los Angeles
San Fransisco