New Zealand

New Zealand consists of two islands, the North and the South island. Much of its scenery is likened to Scotland, with its rolling hills, greenery and fantastic rugby team!!! There are also places with massive glaciers to climb and many places to ski and snowboard. New Zealand is a very cultural country with their natives, the Maori people, covering themselves in body paint and performing ritual dances.

They are another very patriotic country and their sporting abilities are vast. Their rugby union team, also known as the All Blacks, have been world champions once in 1987. They are renowned for performing “The Hakka” before every match to try and intimidate their opposition. Their field hockey and netball teams are also extremely high up in the world rankings. Football, cricket, basketball and golf are other popular sports in the country at all levels.

General Information
Capital: Wellington
Language: English
Currency: NZ Dollar
GMT: +12 hours
Flight time: approx 30 hours
Int Dialling Code: +64
Population: 4.4 milion

Sports Available
Rugby (Apr – Aug)
Hockey (Apr – Sept)
Netball (Apr – Sept)
Football (Apr – Sept)
Tennis (Oct – Mar)
Cricket (Oct – Mar)
Basketball (All Year)
Golf (All Year)
Swimming (All Year)

Places to Visit